* Time Nymph * (Jennifer Semple Siegel)



I slice through past and future, no longer wavering; the fear rendering One discombobulated in present time empowers in other time.

Superior Being.

I am a time nymph, buoyant and light. We do front flips, back flips, spin side to side like a shooting top, do head and handstands. Anything is possible in time which is not now: ballet, grace, en pointe --


They are one time traveler. She breathes in ecstasy of the future yet passed, glimmers of past once future. Seconds once ephemeral, millennia now prisms. Day Halos. Nymphets sparkle like --

Sapphire years.

They remember, once afraid of passing time and time not yet, time pluperfect.

Laser time, razor-honed present imperfect.

One day -- future perfect? -- time tricksters suspend An Other over swirling currents, toes poised for time/space continua --





-- like a ballerina’s.

“What is this wonder, these flowing ripples kissing All?”

We signal acceptance of time bent slightly forward and stretched eons backwards. Unknown Strangers gently guide Nymphet through future red giants -- or is it past present blue dwarfs? -- bodies reeling through galaxies, chrysalis birthing --


-- Us.

It’s time; it’s about time.

Split of split seconds:

Goddess, swim the seven sisters, navigate your vessel, all time, whirling, all time...



(216 words)


Copyright, Jennifer Semple Siegel, 2008


Mary said…
Great story!
I just found this blog - I've been looking for other flash fiction blogs. I hope you'll follow mine too. :)
Cheoy Lee said…
Like the alternating line lengths - paces the story really well, and since it's about time, experimenting with interesting paces is really apt!
Beautiful words, beautiful images - great pairing, love it.
Patent Attorney said…
I like how this sums up a lot of complicated feelings in a few lines - very pithy indeed.

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