“Quid Pro Quo”: Alternative Definitions (Jennifer Semple Siegel)

So 45 does not know the meaning of the “elitist” Quid Pro Quo.
Through the magic of Wikipedia, one can find the official English meaning of the Latin term Quid pro quo, often used in the English lexicon as is.
Unfortunately, 45 does not understand this.
For example,
“Something for something.”
“A favor for a favor.”
“Give and take.”
“Tit for tat.”
“You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”
“One hand washes the other.”
This back and forth ought to be a simple concept for the transactional 45 to understand, although when he was just a businessman, he often ignored the quo, his part of the bargain.
But that’s another story.
45 is now the President of the United States and should be beyond such tomfoolery.
Apparently not.
A no-no.
“Abuse of Power,” an impeachable offense.
On Halloween, the House of Representatives will vote on an Impeachment Inquiry.
Will 45 be impeached and removed from office?
Still unknown – as of this writing, the complete “legacy” of 45 has yet to be written into the historical record.
We can only hope for the best.
Meanwhile, like alternative facts, alternative definitions for Quid pro quo have emerged as anonymous internet memes:
An even clearer (and cleverer) meme – although the slant rhyme scheme with the original term isn’t precise:
Even 45 should be able to comprehend these three alternative definitions.

Note for Future Generations: Topical memes and inside jokes tend to grow stale very fast; the best suddenlys tend to stick to universal themes that will remain fresh five, ten, twenty-five years, one-hundred years later.
However, occasionally a topical meme feels important and compelling enough to post in the moment, and one must hope for the best when future generations discover this Suddenly site.
Because Quit.Bro.Go, Quid.Pro.Go, and Just.Quit.Bro, anonymous memes from 2019, will eventually fade into the mists of cyberspace, I offer readers not-yet-born in 2019 (or too young to be aware) some explanatory notes.
Quid Pro Quo has been tossed around a lot in the past few months; the president feels as though terms like this are elitist and, therefore, do not speak to the common folk. Therefore, it is up to progressives to educate him and his supporters regarding meanings of words that might challenge their intellect (or lack, thereof).
In 2019, the House of Representatives opened an Impeachment Inquiry on Donald Trump, 45th President, referred here as “45.”
For many progressives, speaking his actual name feels like profanity – we would rather shout out, “F*ck, f*ck, f*ck,” a million times over. In addition, referring to him by his presidential number is a way of not accepting him as part of our human race. Yet, calling him a monster or an animal insults monsters and animals everywhere. A number is neutral, non-judgmental, yet recognizable as non-human.
A crucial fact that might be lost in the future as the nuances of 45’s legacy fade into History: 45 is impulsive, immoral, and amoral.
When, a few weeks ago, he betrayed our allies, the Kurds, he understood clearly that Kurds would die (and they did), but he simply didn’t care. He wanted what he wanted (oil fields), and he wanted it now.
As a Presidential characteristic, amorality is far worse than immorality, for immoral people can and do change, whereas amoral people can never change – even if they assume a patina of normality, amoral people, incapable of genuine morality, always place self-interest first – self-first is encoded in their DNA.
While amoral people cannot change, an amoral President can change history – and not in a positive way.
At best, the harm caused by an amoral leader and his or her enablers can take decades to undo.
At worst, an amoral President can kill a democracy and, perhaps, bring down a nation.
This, alone, makes 45 unfit for the Presidency.
I can only hope that our Democracy will have survived the 45 era.

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